Hate crime. Report it to stop it.

If you need to report a hate crime:

Call 999 (emergency), 101 (non-emergency)

Report it online to Police Scotland

If you don’t want to talk to the Police, you can report it through a support organisation


If deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired:

Text (SMS) 999 (emergency), contact BSL or text 18001 (non-emergency)


Police Scotland takes hate crime very seriously. In the last year there were over 5,300 charges of hate crime reported to the Procurator Fiscal in Scotland1. However, there are many more incidents that go unreported. We all have a responsibility to report hate crime if we witness it – it’s the only way we can challenge it, and put an end to it for good.


There’s no place for hate in Scotland. Report it to stop it.

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What is a hate crime?

Hate crime can be verbal or physical and has hugely damaging effects on the victims, their families and communities, and we all must play our part to challenge it.

Hate crime comes in many forms and examples, including:

  • Race (e.g. threatened because of where they are from or the colour of their skin)
  • Religion (e.g. have abuse shouted at them because of their beliefs or religious dress)
  • Sexual orientation (e.g. tormented because they’re holding hands with another person of the same gender)
  • Transgender identity (e.g. humiliated, intimidated or threatened online for being transgender)
  • Disability (e.g. attacked because they are disabled)

Source 1: http://www.copfs.gov.uk/publications/equality-and-diversity

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