Yes, we. Because no matter what your race, creed, colour or culture, you’re welcome here. After all, it’s the contribution of the many, that makes Scotland what it is: one great country.

The truth is, all of us – living, working, laughing, sharing and loving life in Scotland – have more in common than that which divides us.

This is Scotland standing up for what matters at a time when it couldn’t matter more. Because the reality is – and the evidence shows – a more equal, more diverse society makes for a more productive, happier society. So it’s with pride we say that in Scotland there’s no V, there’s just you, me and we.

And we are Scotland.

Imagery credits include: Scotland’s Moving Image Archive, British Council Film Collection

Scotland welcomes the contribution of those who choose to live and work here

Skill gaps in Scotland

24% of our country’s job vacancies are due to the fact that there aren’t enough workers available with the right skills in Scotland.

Source: 2015 UK Employer Skills Survey

Forecast without inward migration

Population growth is a key driver of economic growth. All of Scotland’s population growth in the coming years will be from inward migration, deaths are projected to outnumber births.

Source: National Records for Scotland, 2016-based National Population Projections

Aging population

By 2041, the number of over 75s will increase by 79% but the working population will only increase by 1%. Therefore Scotland will have a shortfall in the working population we need.

Source: National Records for Scotland, 2016-based National Population Projections

Scotland’s people, Scotland’s stories

Meet the people who call this place their home – those we’re proud to call our own. Our neighbours, friends, and colleagues who already live, work, and enrich our vibrant, openhearted country.

I really love the people here – they’re really genuine and very welcoming.

Claire Simonetta – Born Switzerland – Sheep Farmer, Mull.

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