Support for the 2020 Topic Circle

Thank you for agreeing to take forward a virtual 2020 Topic Circle with your organisation. We are extremely grateful for your feedback and this activity replaces the in-person participation at Circle events. Your feedback will directly feed into the NACWG considerations when report writing on our annual topic later this year. All the info on this page is available in a downloadable PDF.

The NACWG are exploring Creating an Intersectional Gender Architecture – the status of women in Scotland, structures and intersectionality, in 2020. You told us that various components of this topic were important when we worked with you to co-produce our initial three-year strategy. We are collating experiences from all Circle members on this topic via the Circle Survey, but a further and vital source of information is how organisations view and engage in intersectional thinking and practice

What Do I Need To Do?

Arrange a day/date/time to hold a virtual gathering with your organisation and let attendees know there will be a half hour of pre-work to do that involves looking at all the content on this page (or at a minimum to do the following):

Using a platform such as Zoom (or similar) you host your 2020 Topic Circle on the day/date/time you have agreed with your organisation. On the day you will need a chair (you), a note taker (someone else) and we think the 2020 Topic Circle will take about an hour to complete. If for any reason people in your organisation cannot interact this way (or on that day), then you are welcome to share the questions with them separately and include their feedback in the wider group’s feedback response that you return to us.

Discussion Questions

The questions that we’d like your feedback on are:

1: Policies, systems and laws (“the architecture” of a country) shape the way we all experience the world. What are some examples, specific to what your organisation works with, which show that those policies and laws were created without women and girls in mind generally?
2: How does the experience of this differ for BME women, disabled women, working class women or LGBTQI women?
3: What about women and girls that fit into more than one of these categories?
4: What changes should the NACWG recommend to the First Minister to create an architecture which considers all the different experiences women and girls have, and why do you think that would make a difference? Please try to consider this within the themes of law, systems and policies (rather than programmes or projects).


Once you have completed your virtual 2020 Topic Circle please return your feedback template to by 4 September at the latest.

All responses from this engagement will be shared with the NACWG and considered when they write their 2020 Report and Recommendations.

Accessible Access Support

We have an easy read version of the Gender Architecture Support information here as well as an easy read version of the feedback template available here

Share Your Intension to Undertake a 2020 Annual Topic Circle

If possible we would like to encourage you to share your intension to undertake a 2020 Annual Topic Circle (or highlight the fact that you have). We have some NACWG artwork you can share on social media and tag us @NACWGScot to help us raise awareness of the amazing support you show the NACWG. 

2020 Topic Circle FAQs

Q: How large should my 2020 Topic Circle be?

A: It can be any size really, as much as the virtual platform allows. However, we find smaller groups of about 12-15 work very well with virtual meetings, to ensure everyone has a chance to participate and the event can be managed well by the host.

Q: Can I host more than one 2020 Topic Circle?

A: Yes – please do if you can – as long as we get all your feedback by 4 September.

Q: Can one of the NACWG members be part of our 2020 Topic Circle?

A: If you would like us to consider whether one of the 17 NACWG members can join your event for a 5 minute introduction (to discuss the NACWG strategy and 2020 topic in more detail), then please forward your request to (include your event timings) and we will check if that is possible.

Q: How can we provide feedback on something else to the NACWG?

A: The NACWG are working to an initial three-year strategy and this was co-designed with the Circle. We are unfortunately unable to investigate any further topics at this moment – though we are considering intersectional gender architecture with a COVID-19 perspective. We will be surveying the Circle at the end of the year, when exploring what we do next, and we would greatly welcome your thoughts and ideas in to that process.

Contact Us

We hope these FAQs have been helpful – if you have any further questions on any of this please don’t hesitate to contact the NACWG secretariat team here: