Dr Ima Jackson

Dr Ima Jackson


Ima is an academic who has worked at Glasgow Caledonian University for many years. She has spent most of her career working with marginalised groups: initially pregnant women in the poorest parts of London and Glasgow, and in more recent years with People of Colour and those who have migrated to Scotland.


Ima is Independent Co- Chair of the First Minister’s Advisory Council on Women and Girls. Her focus is to evidence the experience and perspectives of those under-represented in the structural processes and organisations which dominate the cultural, political and economic landscape of Scotland. By working with racialised and marginalised communities, she is seeking to encourage fully diverse participation and expression.

Ima has developed a transcultural participation model which builds from effective community engagement. This approach encourages facilitated interaction through the Academy which acknowledges the power differentials between different communities and cultures and key public and private sector organisations in Scotland. This sustained and successful track record of engagement with People of Colour and migrants is to build research to influence policy and decision making. It has a reputation for integrity and trustworthiness in those communities and with academics, policy makers, service planners and Government.