Kara Brown

Kara Brown


Currently Director, Tiny Changes . Previously Kara was the youngest Director in the 160 year history of YWCA Scotland – The Young Women’s Movement. Kara and team launched the second groundbreaking Status of Young Women in Scotland report in January, with a foreword by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.


In 2015 Kara co-created #FeministFest – a project raising diverse women’s voices through writing, social media and poetry at Edinburgh’s summer festivals.

Kara was the Chair of Scotland’s FGM charity DARF over the past three years and founded the very first PEER research project in Scotland creating a new space for young African diaspora voices on FGM. She has experience in international development, gender-based violence and communications from China, India and Ethiopia. In 2015 Kara was awarded YWCA Scotland’s Champion for Young Women’s Equality Worldwide and sat on the World YWCA Envisioning 2035 Working Group, to help shape the World YWCA movement’s goal for 2035.

This year, Kara was named one of The Scottish Review’s Young Scots of the Year and a Scottish Women’s Awards 2017 Finalist for her services to the community. Under her leadership, YWCA Scotland attracted acclaim as a With & For Girls 2017 Finalist for their unique young women-led work.

Her message to her younger self is “Ignore the voices that say you can’t. You can. Your inner voice or people around you may lead you to doubt yourself at times. Don’t let doubt derail you; you are much stronger than you think you are.”