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Making gender equality a historical curiosity in Scotland requires more than good intentions.

It requires action. And a willingness to be held accountable.

That’s why the NACWG is calling on organisations of all types and sizes in Scotland (including public, private and 3rd sector) – to tell us what specific actions they are committing to over the next 3 years, to accelerate progress on gender equality.

By sharing your organisation’s commitments, you will help the NACWG build a picture of what’s changing for the better in Scotland, and what needs more work.

Information provided will be kept confidential. The NACWG will seek specific consent for participation in any publicity.

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Circle member pledges

SCTS is committed to equality in all our policies and practices enabling us to deliver tangible results and making our organisation a great place to work for everyone.

ESC is committed to supporting Scottish Ministers to improve the intersectional analysis and reflection of women on regulated public body boards (including chairs)

Intercultural Youth Scotland delivers culturally relevant, influential, and contemporary youth user-led work committed to gender equality and community accountability.

The ALLIANCE commits to improving gender equality as part of our vision for disabled people, people with long term conditions and unpaid carers.

Improving gender equality through employee-centred business leadership. BeYonder is a circle member NACWG & Ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland

Scottish Documentary Institute is committed to amplifying women’s voices and lived experiences, through creative documentary.

The British Council is committed to helping progress gender equality. Empowering women and girls is central to creating opportunity in order to contribute to a safer, more prosperous and inclusive world.

Equality informs every decision we make at the University of St Andrews, and it is our goal as expressed in the University Strategy for 2018 to 2023 to become a ‘beacon of inclusivity’ in Scotland.

Age Scotland is proud to have pledged support to the First Minister’s National Advisory Council on Women and Girls. We are committed to improve gender equality in Scotland, including equality for older women.

CNPA has put equality outcomes at the centre of its work. We have recently recruited an Equality Advisory Panel of expert equality stakeholders to support our commitment to improving gender equality. We are planning a diary of engagement events with staff around our equalities aspirations, and how to remove any organisational barriers in this regard.

Corra Foundation commits to improving gender inequality in Scotland as part of our mission to strengthen and amplify people’s voices and their power to make change.

CEMVO Scotland is committed to addressing gender inequality and intersectionality, working collaboratively with communities and networks, empowering EM women to recognise and challenge gender inequality.

The SWC is committed to engaging with women to gain real lived experiences that can further gender equality and ensure all women’s voices are used as part of the policy and decision making process.

To continue to change the game for women’s sport in Scotland by increasing the opportunities for women and girls to play, develop, learn, lead and be empowered through netball.

The Scottish Prison Service is committed to being a gender inclusive organisation where equality is respected, and we will take steps to tackle gender discrimination and prejudice where it exists.