Membership Media and Resources

­Thank you for requesting to become a member of the First Minister’s National Advisory Council on Women and Girls (NACWG) Circle. We are delighted that you want to support us with #GenerationEqual.

As part of your pledge as a Circle member we ask that you make your community aware of the work, strategy and vision of the NACWG and your role as a Circle member through your communication channels and on social media platforms using the tags @NACWG and #GenerationEqual

The following documents may be of interest in your support to the NACWG: 

Circle membership: further information about the role of Circle members. We hope that this is helpful when considering whether membership is for you.


Story So Far: should help bring you up-to-date with our progress.

Ways to get involved: four easy steps you can follow to help champion this movement and gender equality.

Communication strategy: to help you see where you fit in.


We have produced resources to help with communicating about your commitment to the NACWG and to communicate your activity with Spotlights, and you can access those assets below:

Pledge Jpegs: As a pledged Circle member, you can use these images to communicate your commitment (e.g. website, intranet, newsletters, and social media).

Spotlight Wee Circle poster templates to help you promote a ‘Spotlight Wee Circle’ event we’ve given you a PDF poster you can print and display, with space to write the time and place of your discussion.


You can also participate (and share) in our bi-monthly Spotlights here.

We are delighted that you are helping the NACWG help design a future where gender inequality is a historical curiosity, creating a Scotland where we’re all equal.