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­Thank you for deciding to become a member of the First Minister’s National Advisory Council on Women and Girls (NACWG) Circle. We are delighted that you want to support us with #GenerationEqual.

As a new Circle member, we would love for you to share that you have joined the NACWG in working towards gender equality, using the tags @NACWG and #GenerationEqual on your social media.

You’ve joined at an interesting point, as the initial three year strategy has come to an end and we transition to phase two. We will keep you updated with our progress and plans as these develop.

Our digital strategy continues and our quarterly Spotlights can be found here. We have a fantastic range of content and you are welcome to comment on our social channels, but we won’t be asking for more formal responses until further notice.


Below is some further information that may be of interest to you as a new Circle member.

The NACWG Story So Far: Creation, Community and Change

Communication strategy: Understand our approach, vision and strategy.

Now that you’ve pledged to #GenerationEqual, we’d be grateful if you could communicate that if you can. You can do so by sharing the images below, on your website, intranet, newsletters, and on social media.

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We are delighted that you are helping the NACWG help design a future where gender inequality is a historical curiosity, creating a Scotland where we’re all equal.