2018 Report and Recommendations

The NACWG was established to advise the First Minister on what’s needed to tackle gender inequality in Scotland. Over the course of 2018, it consulted a range of stakeholders of all genders across the country in order to gather the evidence needed to develop its 2018 Report and Recommendations.

The report makes eleven key recommendations covering everything from education, to the legal system and childcare.

These include setting up a ‘What Works?’ Institute which will develop and test robust, evidence-led inclusive and representative approaches to changing public attitudes in Scotland to women and girls’ equality and rights.


NACWG Chair, Louise Macdonald OBE, said:

“We all have a part to play in creating a more inclusive society and in these recommendations we have focussed on tackling changes in the systems that too often perpetuate inequality. We must listen and let the voices of those who experience inequality every day be heard. And we cannot be complacent. Change will only happen if we all step up and call out institutional inequality where we see it – which will benefit everyone in Scottish society.


“I want to thank all those individuals and cross-sector organisations for sharing their experiences and ideas with us over this past year. We look forward to the response from the First Minister.”

Read the NACWG’s press release here and the full Report and Recommendations here.

In collaboration with Disability Equality Scotland we have produced an Easy Read version of our 2018 Report and Recommendations. To access this document click here.


Scottish Government Response



On Wednesday 26 June 2019 the Scottish Government formally responded to our 2018 Report and Recommendations. The response, as with our recommendations, was bold and encouraging.

Read the full SG reponse to our 2018 Report and Recommendations here.





NACWG Chair, Louise Macdonald OBE, said:

“When the council launched, we made a bold pledge to help design a future where gender inequality is a historical curiosity, creating a Scotland where we’re all equal.

“The adoption of these recommendations, some unprecedented, is a tangible step towards this.”

The NACWG are delighted with the response, see here for the press release. 


Next Steps

The National Advisory Council on Women and Girls will focus on a new 2019 annual topic of Policy Coherence – looking at how policy is made and do policies work against each other?

Lend your voice to the conversation and together we can create a Scotland where gender inequality is a historical curiosity.