2019 Report and Recommendations

2019 Report and Recommendations

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The NACWG was formed as a catalyst for change to advise the First Minister on what’s needed to tackle gender inequality in Scotland. Over the course of 2019 the NACWG explored the topic Policy Coherence & Gender Equality – how is policy made and do policies work against each other… We consulted a range of stakeholders across the country in various participatory events in order to gather diverse insight and evidence needed to develop our 2019 Report and Recommendations.

The report makes three key recommendations that we feel will enact systemic change for Scotland now and for future generations, and are in line with our three pillars of reporting: Leadership, Accountability and Creating Conditions.


NACWG Co-Chair, Louise Macdonald OBE, said:

2019 Report and Recommendations - #GenerationEqual

“we have a lot to be proud of so far, but there is not one second of time available for complacency. We are living in an era of backlash, which is why our policy-making systems must become even more robust and thoughtful, breaking the ‘strategic silence’ on women’s issues. Women are not niche, we are half of the population, and it is not enough to pass a law or create a strategy – shifting to a wellbeing government with gender equality at its heart is a culture change central to the system, which has to be reinforced in multiple ways.”

You can read the NACWG’s 2019 Report and Recommendation here and the press release here (the report image above also links to it).

In collaboration with Disability Equality Scotland we have produced an Easy Read version of our 2019 Report and Recommendations. 


Systems Mapping

Throughout 2019 we gathered evidence to help inform our thinking. From the very beginning members of the NACWG Circle told us that the policy making eco-system in Scotland can be confusing and cluttered. We commissioned specialist researchers 3rd Horizons to explore the different ways that policy is made in Scotland and to develop a ‘systems map’ to identify where policy coherence on gender equality is being pursued, or indeed, where is not being pursued. We’d like to say a huge thank you to the team at 3rd Horizons: Robert Rae, Dr Eve Hepburn and Lewis Bloss.

You can read the report in full here.



The NACWG took forward an Accountability Day in 2019 to check in on the progress being made following the Scottish Government’s response to the 2018 Report and Recommendations. We are building Accountability Days into our model and will take forward another one in November 2020 to check in on the progress of our reports and recommendations.


Scottish Government Response

On Wednesday 22 December 2020 the Scottish Government formally responded to our 2019 Report and Recommendations. The response, as with our recommendations, was bold and encouraging.

The NACWG are delighted with the response. Read the full SG response to our 2019 Report and Recommendations here.





NACWG Co-Chair, Louise Macdonald OBE, said:

“Making gender inequality a historical curiosity is the ambition of the First Minister’s National Advisory Council on Women and Girls. The adoption of this second set of recommendations – following on from the adoption of our first – means we are building towards a future to help realise that ambition.”


Next Steps

2020 is the final year of the NACWG’s initial three year strategy and we understand that gender inequality affects every intersection of life. Our 2020 focus will be ‘Creating an Intersectional Gender Architecture for Scotland.’

We can only make real change for the future with your help, so please do get involved in the conversation on #GenerationEqual by joining our Circle or Have your Say on our Spotlight topics. Lend your voice to the conversation and together we can create a Scotland where we’re all equal – with an equal future.