2020 Report and Recommendations

2020 Report and Recommendations

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The NACWG was formed as a catalyst for change to advise the First Minister on what’s needed to tackle gender inequality in Scotland. Over the course of 2020 the NACWG explored the topic Creating an Intersectional Gender Architecture – the status of women in Scotland, structures and intersectionality. They consulted a range of stakeholders across the country of all genders and those that don’t identify in a range of participatory events in order to gather insight and evidence needed to develop their 2020 Report and Recommendations.

The report makes five key recommendations that they feel will enact systemic change for Scotland now and for future generations. These recommendations are in line with their three pillars of reporting: Leadership, Accountability and Creating Conditions.


NACWG Co-Chair, Louise Macdonald OBE, said:


“This is the third year of our initial three year strategy and is the culmination of our suite of recommendations to the First Minister. Our focus has always been system change! We believe it is vital that the gender architecture of a country needs to work for all women and girls and to be strengthened. We believe that if our full set of recommendations are implemented with drive and commitment, they will act as a catalysing force to make the systemic change required to make gender inequality in Scotland a historic curiosity.”


You can read the NACWG’s 2020 Report and Recommendation here and the press release here (the report image above also links to it).

In collaboration with Disability Equality Scotland we have produced an Easy Read version of our 2020 Report and Recommendations. 






Scottish Government Response

On Wednesday 22 December 2021 the Scottish Government formally responded to our 2020 Report and Recommendations. The response, as with our recommendations, was bold and encouraging.

The NACWG are delighted with the response. Read the full SG response to our 2020 Report and Recommendations here.










Youth Circle Zine

This year we conducted a Youth Circle Online Project and produced a Zine Online Magazine. Created to ensure the voices and experiences of young people are heard and become central to the work of the NACWG. Feedback gathered from staff and participants from the Online Project in 2020 can be seen below. 


You can also access the accessible read out version of the Zine in the video below or here


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We can only make real change for the future with your help, so please do get involved in the conversation on #GenerationEqual by joining our Circle. Join the conversation and together we can create a Scotland where we’re all equal – with an equal future.