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IntelliDigest was founded* on September 2016 with a vision to engineer solution to address the global food waste challenge.
*find out more about the incredible founder, Dr Kanu at the end of this case study


Today, we are not only addressing the global food waste challenge, but we are also empowering global food sustainability through cutting edge technologies, innovative research, and capacity building.


Evolving a food system that is resilient and secure has never been more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic and as we face the challenges of empty food shelves due to global supply chain disruption.


Current Agrifood production contribute to over 30% of global greenhouse gas emission with food waste alone accounting for 10% of Global greenhouse gas. The recent UNFAO, UNEP and IPCC report has highlighted the impact of the broken food system on climate change with over 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted, leading to an economic loss of over $1 trillion while over 800 million people are hungry or malnourished, over 1.9 billion people are overweight or obese and 1 in 5 death occur due to malnutrition.


To feed over 9.5 billion by 2050 sustainably, we will need to take a different approach to how we produce and consume food today.


This is core to our mission at IntelliDigest, to empower global food sustainability.


We have developed an online circular food system powered by a nature inspired robot-iDigest, an automated dispenser-iSaver and the global food loss and waste tracker.

The iDigest enhances the recovery of nutrient from food waste just as your body breaks down food to provide your body with nutrient. iDigest has embedded sensors that analyses the food waste as it is placed in it, then based on the composition, enzyme dosing is optimised to break down the food waste to simple molecules that could be recovered and used for food production in soil, vertical, insect and fish farms. 


Developing technologies, such as the iSaver, will revolutionise access to nutritious food produced sustainably by local food producer. The iSaver is an automated dispenser that is designed to extend the shelf life of Agrifood produce. Kitchens in cafes, restaurants, hotels, and canteens across the country and even the world will also be able to benefit from the use of iSaver to keep food both warm and free of microbes. When placed in strategic distribution points, iSaver will help businesses cut down on losses an food waste.

The Global Food Loss and Waste tracker, is an online app available in google play store that enable users to measure, track and prevent edible food waste. In addition, businesses in the food system can set a base line to help them account for emission reduction and aim for net zero emission including scope 1 and 3 emissions. For the local farm businesses, they can sell their products grown from using nutrient recovered from iDigest to local consumers. The local consumers benefit from the app by monitoring their nutrient consumption ensuring a balanced diet as well as access to nutrient dense food produced sustainably from local food producers using recovered nutrient from food waste.


In an atomised world, it is vital that workers in the food industry connect with other working people in order to move forward in the interests of many to end food waste and improve access to nutrition for all.


Please, download the Global Food Loss and Waste tracker from Google Play store and support the move to #MeasuretrackPrevent, #EndFoodWaste, #EndHunger and #ImproveNutrition.




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Dr Ifeyinwa Kanu

As the Founder and CEO of IntelliDigest Ltd, Dr Kanu is leading IntelliDigest on a mission to empower global food sustainability, eliminate food waste, zero hunger and improve access to nutrition for everyone.

She is a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), Associate Fellow of Higher Education Authority (AFHEA) and Member of Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (MCIWEM).

Dr Kanu was nominated top 50 women in Engineering under 35 in UK in 2017 and has been a winner of several awards such as: European Institute of Innovation (EIT) Food Accelerator Network, Telefonica/Wayra/University of Edinburgh AI/Blockchain Accelerator, Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship, Royal Society of Edinburgh SE Enterprise Fellowship, Investing Women AccelerateHer Award, Winner IET Innovation Award (Energy), 2017, Winner Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation-Climate KIC Accelerator 1& 2, Winner Edinburgh Climathon 2017, Finalist Pitch@Palace 8.0 (2017) and Finalist VIBES Award (2018).

As a WES Council member, Dr Kanu led the organisation of an outstanding event in 2019- Centenary Celebration of Women in Engineering.

Recently, she delivered a keynote speech on Food Waste to a group of 40 Young Scots during the Venture Jam which was organised by the Scottish Government, Young Scot, Glasgow City of Science and Innovation and Zero Waste Scotland.