Case study – SHE Changes Climate

SHE Changes Climate was founded in late 2020 by Antoinette Vermilye, Bianca Pitt and Elise Buckle, with the aim to bring diversity and inclusiveness, transparency and accountability to the COP negotiations on Climate Change. 

Today it is an independent campaign group with thousands of supporters around the world. Its global mission is to ensure all delegations, for all climate negotiations, have at least a 50% representation of women, all their diversity, at their top levels, now and in the future. 

The Steering Committee for SHE Changes Climate consists of Nicole de Paula, Cindy Forde, Esmeralda de Rethy, Jessica Sweidan, Rachel McClelland, Karla Morales-Lee, Georgia Elliott-Smith and Malini Mehra.

The climate crisis is at our doorstep and affecting us all. But the perspectives on, and decisions about how to tackle it, have been made mainly by men who speak on behalf of a fraction of the population.

For all life to survive on this planet, a balanced representation of all humankind is needed to make crucial decisions about our future. SHE Changes Climate is committed to ensuring women – across a broad spectrum of ethnicity, class, disability, age and backgrounds are in these roles to make the crucial decisions to save humanity.


It’s #5050Vision calls for all parties to be represented in decision-making about the climate crisis, because it affects all parties.

SHE Changes Climate wants to see a change in: 

  • Perspectives: that climate insights and expertise from women are being heard
  • Power: that women are actively participating in decision-making at both a local and global level
  • Perception: that women are publicly promoted as being central to discussing the issues and creating the solutions, so that others, and especially young people, can see and be inspired by their diversity; knowing that if they see it they can be it.


In December 2020, SHE Changes Climate sent an open letter to the UK Government, calling on them for greater accountability and transparency on male/female parity on the UK COP26 leadership team. The letter has been supported by over 450 environmental leaders. 

Thanks to them, SHE Changes Climate helped to secure the appointment of a female deputy lead for Climate Negotiations. The campaign also received powerful media coverage which highlighted this issue to a UK and global audience and established a dialogue with COP26 members Anne Marie Trevelyan, Alok Sharma and Peter Hill.

However, only 2 of the 12 UK leadership positions at the COP are held by women. Until there is a 50:50 balance of leadership in all climate negotiations, there is still work to do.


During COP26 SHE Changes Climate is hosting a day of events, focused on women’s role in tackling the climate crisis. More information can be found here:


Beyond COP26, the campaign will continue to advocate for 50:50 representation at all climate delegations and, specifically for a female president at COP27.

We need all hands on deck to achieve  the #5050Vision of a gender balance in future climate negotiations.


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