Case Study: Colouring Outside The Lines

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Waiting for an autism diagnosis can be a lonely, isolating experience with waiting times often well over 12 months. Awaiting diagnosis for a daughter is even more complicated as girls can present differently to boys and are a missed, misdiagnosed and misunderstood demographic. Gemma Gray found herself in this situation while awaiting her daughter’s autism… Read more »

Case Study: Scottish Women’s Convention

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The SWC exists to ensure that women’s voices are heard at all levels of policy and decision making. In spring 2018 the organisation undertook a programme of work on women’s health. The SWC focused on a range of issues such as breast screening, cancer detection, treatment and support; cervical screening, cancer detection, treatment and support;… Read more »

Case Study: Period Poverty

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Period poverty

In a country with free access to healthcare women’s basic healthcare, and that of her period, is still woefully neglected. Over the last few years, the gendered poverty gap has become a more prominent topic of conversation, so as of March 2018, we decided to do something to help. It was clear that people were… Read more »

Case Study: Scottish Women’s Aid

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We all want to live in a country that is fair and just. Scotland, in many respects, leads the way in our response to injustice and yet the prevalence of inequality and violence against women and girls goes against everything we stand for. Every 9 minutes Police Scotland receive a call about domestic abuse. By… Read more »

Case Study: Shakti Women’s Aid

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Shakti Women's Aid

Shakti Women’s Aid is a voluntary organisation which provides temporary refuge accommodation and support to all black minority ethnic women, their children and young people experiencing and or fleeing domestic abuse/forced marriage/honour based violence from their husbands, partners/ex-partners and other family members within a household. The word ‘Shakti’ is derived from Sanskrit meaning ‘strength’, particularly… Read more »

2018 Report and Recommendations

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2018 Report and Recommendations Please accept statistics, marketing cookies to watch this video. The NACWG was established to advise the First Minister on what’s needs the change to tackle gender inequality in Scotland. Over the course of 2018, the NACWG consulted a range of stakeholders of all genders and those that don’t identify from across… Read more »

Case Study: Gen Up

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Gen Up workshop

Gen Up is a programme designed to create opportunities for young women aged 14-18 living in Scotland to think critically about the impact of gender on their career choices and decisions. The programme aims to raise the aspirations of young women and increase their uptake of Modern Apprenticeships in gender segregated areas through supporting them… Read more »