Case Study: YGirls

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Over the years our YGirls programme was delivered in West Lothian schools for young women S4-S6. In 2015 we carried out our published research Status of Young Women in Scotland. We recognised a gap in provision for girls in P7 as they make the transition to secondary school. We developed our YGirls programme for P7… Read more »

Case Study: Citizen Girls

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Citizen Girl is Girlguiding Scotland’s campaign in partnership with equal rights campaign group, Women 50:50, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first women gaining the right to vote and marking Scotland’s Year of Young People. We knew 2018 was going to be a momentous year and wanted to take this opportunity to inspire and empower… Read more »

Case Study: MsMissMrs

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Empowerment pants

MsMissMrs is a social enterprise formed in 2013 to help address health and wellbeing inequalities for women and girls. At MsMissMrs we make physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing our priorities. We offer accredited programmes and workshops that put women who are rebuilding their lives, back in charge of their own wellbeing. MsMissMrs workbooks and… Read more »

Case Study: Inclusion Scotland

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Inclusion discussion

The People-led Policy Panel for Health, Social Care Support and Integration, focussing on adult social care support initially, has been developed since July 2018. With support from over 30 organisations from across Scotland we recruited 50 people with a wide range of different backgrounds and experiences of needing adult social care support as a supported… Read more »

Case Study: Girl Geek Scotland

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Girl Geek Scotland is a volunteer group, started over 10 years ago, with the goal to create a network & community to support women working and studying in the technical, creative and related sectors in Scotland. We run a range of educational and networking experiences – from hackathons to personal development workshops and industry expert… Read more »

Case Study: CareerWise project

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The CareerWise project began in 2013 and is part of Equate Scotland, the national expert organisation on women’s under-representation in STEM. The project works with employers to encourage them to offer positive action, paid summer placements to women students studying STEM subjects. Since inception, the project has worked with a range of employers from internationally… Read more »

Case Study: Improving Gender Balance Scotland

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The gender imbalance in sciences and technologies subjects at school has persisted for over 30 years despite many interventions. These imbalances continue into further education and the world of work, leading to inequality in the workplace and contributing to the gender pay gap. They also represent a tremendous loss of talent and potential to our… Read more »