50/50 by 2020: Resources

If you are interested in finding out more or thinking about applying for a board position then there is help available. The websites below can give you more information about what’s involved, provide practical help on how to apply and offer advice from those who have already successfully gone through the process.

Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life

If you’re considering applying to be a board member on one of Scotland’s Public Bodies then visit the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland’s website. The Commissioner supports the Partnership for Change.  

“The Commissioner welcomes the Scottish Government’s commitment to board diversity and views addressing the gender balance as a positive step towards achieving more diverse boards that broadly reflect the make-up of our society.”

Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland

Public Appointment

To find advice on how to apply for public appointments visit Scottish Government’s Public Appointments website which explains the process and offers advice.

Changing the Chemistry

Changing the Chemistry is a multi-talented group which aims to increase diversity on all types of boards. The unique approach is that they share the responsibility to help each other, volunteering time and skills in a peer-to-peer support network.

Tanya Castell, Co-chair of Changing the Chemistry supports the Partnership for Change.

“Changing the Chemistry fully supports the objective of 50/50 gender balance by 2020. This is an important first step in achieving true diversity of thought on boards, with the ultimate objective of improving board effectiveness in all sectors, contributing to a better society.”

Chair of Changing the Chemistry, Tanya Castell

An Inspirational Journey

An Inspirational Journey works to address the imbalance of talent that exists at the top of corporate Britain. We deliver tangible, sustainable, collaborative solutions on this serious business imperative through programmes, events and projects, including the Pearls Programme, The Two Percent Club, Ach-Eve and the Balanced Business Forum, that collectively helps organisations to allow the best talent to lead regardless of gender, sector or region.

An Inspirational Journey, over the last few years, has supported more than 1700 global companies to understand and deliver solutions regarding the business imperative of “better balance, better business”. Working in partnership with RBS, some 1200 women are engaged on The Pearls Programme, reaching out to some 5000 aspiring females in the talent pipeline, from organisations representing all sectors of business and industry.

Women on Boards

Women on Boards is a social enterprise supporting women seeking to leverage their professional skills and experience into non-executive director and other board level roles. Women on Boards exists to help women make the right connections and career choices to get to board level within their own company or to take on a non-executive board role, lowering the barriers to entry to the boardroom and building the pipeline of board-ready women.

The 30% Club

The 30% Club is a group of business leaders committed to achieving better gender balance at all levels of organisations, because we believe this will make businesses and boards more effective. We are taking voluntary steps towards the goal of 30% women on boards by 2015 and believe strongly that business-led change is the right way forward. We are ‘open source’ and are delighted to work with others in this field to create more concerted action.

We are driven solely by the objective of achieving progress. We originally focused on UK corporate boards but have now widened our focus on developing senior female talent at all levels.

Professional Boards Forum

Exists to identify and promote senior women with the skills and ambition to be non-executive directors of major UK businesses. The Professional Boards Forum brings together CEOs, chairmen, selection committees and experienced business women in an innovative and challenging setting.

Parity Professionals

Parity Professionals source and develop talent to transform organisational performance.

Based in Edinburgh, our Gender Diversity Team understands that there is a series of best practices which, if invested in, will maximise the opportunity for organisational and individual transformation. With the call for 50:50 by 2020, organisations in Scotland have a unique opportunity to set the standard in how to exceed performance expectations through a fully diverse and inclusive workplace; which in turn, will attract, develop and retain the very best of talent from across this nation – and beyond. We are passionate about inspiring female talent and work hand in hand with our customers to achieve their Gender Diversity goals.