Disability: Resources

Find out more about the challenges facing the one in five disabled people in Scotland. Explore the wide range of resources aimed at supporting disabled people and creating a fair and inclusive Scotland.

Independent Living - A Shared Vision

Joint statement by the Scottish Government, COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities), NHS Scotland and the Scottish Independent Living Coalition. Full and easy read versions available.

Independent Living in Scotland (ILiS)

This project helps disabled people to have their voices heard by policymakers, decision makers and others in wider society, and supports the growth and strengthening of the independent living movement in Scotland. ILiS also supports those disabled people who contribute to the national Independent Living Programme, which is part of the wider initiative by the Scottish Government to deliver equality and human rights for disabled people in Scotland.

Independent Living in Scotland - Consultation Responses

ILiS responses to consultations on social care, human rights, housing and welfare reform.

Independent Living in Scotland - Solutions Series

ILiS ran a number of events called the Solutions Series, a series of pop-up think tanks to bring people together to seek solutions to specific barriers to independent living. Explore the different events: ‘Personalisation and independent living’, ‘Politically (in)correct – representation of disabled people in politics’, ‘Rights to reality – implementing Article 19 of the UNCRPD in Scotland’ and ‘Keep Calm and Stop It: disability harassment in the work place’.

Delivering Equality, Human Rights and Independent Living for Disabled People in Scotland

Scottish Government activity and action plan for disabled people 2014-15

We are committed to promoting and protecting equality and human rights for people with disabilities, enabling them to maximise their potential to make a full contribution to daily and public life. This is our framework for action to spring 2015.

Inclusion Scotland

Inclusion Scotland is a consortium of disability organisations, disabled people and social partners that share similar aims and is run by disabled people. Inclusion Scotland receives funding to be actively involved in various national strategic committees on the impact of welfare reform, and it also leads the way in researching disability harassment.

There is currently no disability-specific advice and law centre to deal with issues that arise when disabled people are discriminated against and cannot access legal advice. Inclusion Scotland has received additional funding to deal with the increase in case referrals for advice and advocacy and to examine how this is also impacting on the human rights of disabled people.

UK Initial Report – On the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Covers the UK approach to implementing the Convention.

The Scottish Government submission to the UK Government on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (December 2010)

UN Convention on Rights of Disabled People.

Inclusion Scotland’s work on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Funded by the Scottish Government, Inclusion Scotland’s Civil Society Reporting Project engages with disabled people to explore their views on the Convention. You can download the following direct from the home page of the organisation’s website: Inclusion Scotland’s UNCRDP survey responses; Inclusion Scotland presentation on the UNCRDP; Inclusion Scotland publication on the UNCRDP; Equality & Human Rights Commission Easy Read guide to the UNCRDP; and Inclusion Scotland’s Human Rights Toolkit.

Principles of Inclusive Communication: An information & self-assessment tool for public authorities

Guidance on how to produce inclusive communications for all.

The ‘Joe’ Report – Making Scotland an Inclusive Communication Nation for him and for everyone else

Produced by Communication Forum Scotland (funded by the Scottish Government until March 2012) to provide background to the work done to produce the Principles of Inclusive Communication: An information and self-assessment tool for public authorities.

See Hear

A strategic framework for meeting the needs of people with a sensory impairment in Scotland (5 April 2013).

Parliamentary internships for disabled graduates

On offer are seven internships for disabled graduates who wish to pursue or further a career in politics.

Equality Internship Programme

A third sector initiative facilitated by SCVO, which offers 150 internships to help minority ethnic and disabled graduates get into work.

Scottish Disability Equality Forum (funded by the Scottish Government)

A user-led membership organisation that works across Scotland to remove barriers to the full social inclusion of people affected by disability.

Your Say on Disability

A national survey run by the Scottish Disability Equality Forum to gauge opinion on how the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has been implemented in Scotland. Developed to inform the United Nations Committee report on what disabled people feel about what is happening in Scotland as regards to disability, independent living and general access-related issues. The survey is ongoing and will be used to draw comparisons from year to year.

Scottish National Action Plan (SNAP) for Human Rights

The Scottish Government was a member of the drafting group that developed the Scottish National Action Plan (SNAP) for Human Rights.