Religion and belief : Resources

The Scottish Government recognises the influence of all faiths in transforming and inspiring Scotland's people and culture. Look below to find resources that promote the development of interfaith relations.

Interfaith Scotland publications

Interfaith Scotland publications

Newsletters, publications and guides are amongst the resources produced by Interfaith Scotland.

Interfaith Glasgow publications

Interfaith Glasgow has commissioned a number of research reports relating to interfaith engagement and activity in Glasgow.

Edinburgh Interfaith Association publications

Edinburgh Interfaith Association (EIFA) produce quarterly newsletters and other resources for faith communities.

Faith in Community Scotland

A range of useful resources including toolkits and community development activities have been produced by Faith in Community Scotland.

Scottish Council of Jewish Communities publications

SCoJeC provides useful resources to support all of Scotland’s Jewish communities and┬ásociety’s engagement with Judaism more generally.

Belief in Dialogue

In March 2011, a good practice guide setting out ways in which to facilitate dialogue between people of different faiths was published.

Faith and Belief Scotland

The Faith and Belief Scotland Project, a collaborative initiative between the Scottish Government and the University of Edinburgh, focused on local authority provision for people of faith and belief in terms of Public Sector Equality Duty requirements and the perceived level of provision and inclusion by people of faith and belief. The Report was published in June 2014 and can be accessed here.

Faith and Belief Scotland has a range of publications which may be useful for people wishing to explore the relationship between religion and belief in more detail.