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While it’s great to hear from individuals, we’d love you to take part in a ‘Wee Circle’ and get together with a group of family, friends, volunteers, co-workers or people within your organisation to discuss the questions below:

  • What are the biggest equality issues, in Scotland, around women and girls in STEM?
  • What needs to change, in Scotland, to improve opportunities for women and girls in STEM?
  • What actions should NACWG recommend to improve gender equality in STEM, in Scotland?

Your group can be any shape or size and take any form. This can be as formal or as informal as your situation (and spotlight topic) requires. Maybe you’re already part of a community or group that could host a Wee Circle? Or would your employer support you running a Wee Circle at work?

At the end of your discussion, complete the Group Feedback Response Form (below) to share what you discussed.

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