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All the Spotlight feedback we receive is compiled and a short report is produced for each Spotlight topic. These reports are shared with and discussed by the NACWG.  The NACWG members have access to all of the Spotlight feedback in full, including verbatim feedback submitted via the website, via social media, and via any other channel. A summary of the main themes emerging in each Spotlight is published on this website.

Given the sensitive nature of some of the Spotlight topics we believe it is important to give people the choice of giving feedback anonymously (via the website), or publicly (via social media comments). In order to maximise contributions, we do not publish the verbatim feedback we receive through the website, or through any other non-public channel such as email – only the summary mentioned above.

The feedback we receive on Spotlight topics is one of many different inputs the NACWG considers when deciding what recommendations to make to the First Minister. Not every idea received on Spotlight topics will go on to form part of the NACWG’s annual recommendations or be considered for further exploration.

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