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The First Minister’s National Advisory Council on Women and Girls (NACWG) has been established to help with the culture change that is required to progress gender equality, and to advise the First Minister on what action to take.

The role of the NACWG is to:

  • Play a key leadership role in raising our awareness as a nation of gender inequality and the wide range of related issues experienced by women and girls in Scotland today.
  • Act as a champion for positive progress and policies where these are making a meaningful difference to women and girls’ lives; and encouraging Scotland to build on any success to become a beacon for gender equality.
  • Act as a catalyst for change by providing a challenging voice to the First Minister and her team, where there are gaps in the work being undertaken to address gender.
  • Provide advice, support, and challenge to the First Minister with the objective of realising the shared goal of equality for women and girls in every community across Scotland.